Monday, April 22, 2013

Transferred, Adidas, and dengue...

Hey everyone! 
How are things going back home? I hope that you are all doing great! It sounds like it is finally starting to warm up a little bit so that is good! I bet you are all happy about that. 
Things here are really good! I got transferred!! Now I am in Caparra, with Elder Nadauld (the person who was supposed to come be my companion a few weeks ago). Caparra is in the city so I am super excited! It is also the area right next to where I was at in Toa Baja. I am super stoked because I like the North side of the island a lot better! Less sun and more green haha. So now I am the District Leader of the district up here, which is my companion and I, Elder Astle and a new missionary who is coming in tomorrow, and two sister missionaries. I am going to be living in the same house as Elder Astle so that is sweet! I think it is going to be a really good transfer! If nothing else it will be interesting. I will be in a new area, as a District Leader, and training as well. Half of the missionaries in my District are new missionaries so that is pretty exciting too haha. 
Last week was really good. I took a kung fu lesson last P-Day from this crazy kungfu teacher here who is an inactive member. He learned Kung-Fu when he was a prisoner of war in the phillipines and it is crazy all the stuff he can do. He started it off by doing pushups off of one of his thumbs! It was a really cool experience! 
Then another cool thing that happened this week is that I went and did some service at a members house. We were mixing and pouring cement, and it got my shoes really dirty and everyone except for me was really worried about it, so when we were about to leave, the guy gave me a brand new pair of Adidas that he bought for his son a few months ago but he never wore them. He wouldn't let us leave until I took them, and I thought it was super nice of him. They are pretty sweet shoes! 
Other than that this week was pretty crazy. I was in meetings all day on Tuesday and Thursday. Didn't sleep in my own house until Friday, worked in 4 different areas, and on Friday Saturday and Sunday I was with an Elder in my District who had dengue. He is feeling a lot better now, but it was pretty rough for him for a while. I definitely don't want to get dengue! But yeah so it was definitely a little bit out of the ordinary this week. 
Well I hope that you all have a great week! I love you and miss you all so much! I will talk to you soon! 
Elder Searle

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