Monday, April 15, 2013

Sounds good and yay for some pics!!!

Hey everyone!
I hope that you are all doing superb and that the past week has been great!
Things here have been pretty good. Probably the most exciting thing that
happened this week was that we had a super awesome service project. We went
and washed the fishing boat of this super rich member. It was soooo sweet!
His boat is super nice and we got to start the day hanging out on a boat,
but it wasn't in the water, in a Nautic Club, wearing shorts and my
Sperries with no socks, and sunglasses. It was definitely a lot of fun.
Other than that it was another pretty crazy week. I am still companionless,
and last week I only spent 12 hours in my area so that was definitely a
little different. I did way more driving around than I usually do so that
was alright haha. If nothing else it was a good change of pace from riding
my bike around i the sun all day everyday!
This week is probably going to be more of the same. I have meetings
tomorrow and on Thursday, and I won't be getting a new companion til next
Monday or Tuesday, so I will be doing a lot of hopping around again! I
actually kind of like it, it is just hard cus I don't get to work very much
with the people that I am teaching.
Hmmm other than that there really isn't all that much new around here.
Today is another holiday, I am not sure what it is though because nobody
that I ask ever knows what all these fake holidays are haha. But yeah it
was a really good week, and I am looking forward to another one!
Well I hope that you all have a great week! Enjoy all the snow out there
haha, it is still super sunny and warm here!
Love you and miss you all! Talk to you soon!
Elder Searle

Now this is the kid I remember:)

Love this!!!!

Oh goodness....

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