Monday, April 8, 2013

8 months, flying solo and conference

Hey everyone!
I hope that you are all doing great, and that you had a great week! Hopefully you were able to learn a lot from conference this week..I know I sure did.
This week here in Puerto Rico has been a little bit crazy! I still do not have a companion.... So for the past week I have just kind of been hopping around my district with the other Elders, and then either taking them or a member to the appointments that I had set up in my area. It made for an interesting week! The good thing was that I taught a lot of lessons this week, because I pretty much just went wherever there were lessons to be taught, and I also got to know the other Elders in my district a lot better. The bad thing was that I did not get to work a ton in my own area, which is always a bummer. Overall it was a really good week though! And it ended really well with General Conference. For conferance here we just went to the chapel and they had a broadcast set up. For the normal sessions we just went to the one in our ward, so there were 5 missionaries there and a couple of members, but for the Priesthood session we went to the Stake center and there were about 13 missionaries and a ton of members. It was a lot of fun there because I watched it in the English room and it was pretty much just missionaries haha. I really enjoyed conference and I was definitely able to learn a lot. Like always Elder Holland's talk was my favorite. I wish that I could speak like that guy haha it would be so cool!
One thing that was not super fun that happened this week happened on Friday when we were doing a service project. We went to this guy's house to help him tie rebar so that he can pour the cement for the roof of the house that he is building...and I wore shorts and managed to forget that when you wear shorts in the sun, you also have to put sunscreen on your legs and not just your arms and face. My legs got completely fried!! it looks really funny because one of my socks was pulled up a lot higher than the other one so the tan line is a little goofy. It didn't feel too good but it made for a great conversation starter with all of the people that we talked with after that. I just asked them all, especially the really dark ones, if they had ever seen pink legs before, and then pulled up my pant leg. Everybody was pretty impressed haha.
Well today is also my 8 month mark on the mission, so that is pretty exciting. 1/3 of the way done! the last two months have gone by really fast, it seems like I was just barely writing home about the 6 month mark haha. Also now there is only like a month til I get to call home so that is pretty sweet too!
Well I hope that you all have a great week! Love you and miss you lots! Talk to you soon!
Elder Searle

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