Monday, May 27, 2013

Forgot to post this last week....oops!!

Sorry, forgot to post this last week!!!!

Hey everyone!
How are you all doing? I hope that everything is going well, and that you are all getting excited for graduation and everything! I can not believe that Kylie is graduating this week. It just doesn't seem right it is so crazy! I wish I could be there soo bad but oh well i guess haha. I am sure that it is going to be an awesome experience though! Good luck!
Things here were pretty good this past week. There really was not a ton that happened that was too exciting. It rained a lot this week, so there were a lot of wet days haha. We got to play tennis a couple of times in the morning for our exercise time though so that was cool. I am absolutely terrible at tennis now...apparently 9 months without practicing at all is pretty bad for your tennis game haha. 
One thing that was pretty exciting is that there was some truck that was just randomly on fire on the side of the road one day. I am not really sure where it came from or what was going on, but we just drove past it on the freeway and there was some guy with his face painted like a clown who walked up and grabbed a backpack out of this flaming car and then walked off. When we drove back past it on the way home it was still burning and there were firetrucks there just dumping tons of water on it, and the crazy clown guy was nowhere to be seen. It was super weird!!! 
Other than that is was just a normal week pretty much! 
Well I hope that you all have a great week! I love you and miss you all so much! I will talk to you soon!
Elder Searle

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