Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pics from Puerto Rico

Mav sent his memory card home today with lots of pictures.  I chose just a few to share with everyone!!  Enjoy:)

Im sure he was very happy to find a basketball hoop!

That flower is huge:)

He looks happy!

His reaction to a huge snake that is on their balcony:(

And to think he used to hate beans....

I think this is the girl that reminds him of Brooklyn

He loves the little kids!!

Not so sure she was happy to have her picture taken

Yay for Mickey!!

I'm sure it tastes delicious but not sure I could eat it


Birthday celebration!  I missed him so much on his birthday.  I am happy to see they all got to celebrate!!


Not sure why but I bawled like a baby when I saw this one.  I just want to know what he is thinking.  I really miss talking to him....

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  1. He looks so happy and so great! Three more general conferences, Mom. Uma!!!