Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

okay, so here is our take on blessings and why things happen the way they do...Hurricane Isaac is a developing storm that has done alot of damage throughout Haiti and The Dominican Republic.  13000 people were evacuated in the Dominican Republic.  Today the storm is making its way into the Louisiana coast.  The weather has been terrible with winds reaching up to 80 mph.  As you can imagine, we would all be terribly nervous if Maveric had been sent into these circumstances.  I knew when he was called to Puerto Rico that there was quite a lengthy hurricane season there. I knew that this is something that we would continue to worry about while he was gone.  I think our Heavenly Father also knows it is a concern and therefore he has found a way to keep these young men safe at home for a little while longer.  So, for now, we will pray for those that have been affected by this storm and we will also pray with gratitude that our son is in Provo, Utah!! 

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  1. Tender Mercies!!!!! Glad Elder Searle is safe in Provo, Ut :)