Thursday, August 16, 2012

First week in the MTC

Yay!!  We got our first email today and it was awesome.  Maveric is loving the MTC and having such a great time.  He has a lot of friends there and he loves it.  He went to the Temple with his district today and absolutely loved that.  He said they are all becoming really good friends.

The language is definately the biggest challenge for him.  He told of an experience he had with a "fake investigator"  They were there for about 50 minutes and he spoke only in Spanish.  He went on to say "it was really cool to see how we could convey everything that we needed to convey, and still have the spirit there, when we couldn't even really communicate!!"   He said the experience comforted him and helped him to not be so nervous about going to the Dominican Republic in a couple weeks.  He knows that there will be alot less English spoken while he is there.  I am so amazed at how fast he is learning Spanish.  It is incredible to me.

So, as of right now, he is scheduled to leave our MTC on the 30th.  He found out that he does not need a Visa so there shouldn't be any delays.  It is crazy for me to think about him leaving the country.  I have definately found comfort in knowing he is in little old Provo, Utah.  I am excited for him to start the next part of his journey though. I can't wait to hear all about it.

He loves getting letters so please write to him often.  He has appreciated the support from home so much!!  Thank you everyone that is writing to him.  He was happy to get his package of treats yesterday.  Apparently they let everything through so I was happy about that.  We weren't sure if they would let him have the salsa but I guess it wasn't a problem. 

It was nice to get a positive report from him.  We are so happy that he is happy.  I'm sure he will have bad days but... so far so good :)

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