Wednesday, August 15, 2012

He is doing great!!

We received a long letter from Mav today and it was wonderful.  He is doing great and is loving it.  I want to share with you a small part of the letter.  I think you will all see that he is going to be just fine.  I know that it was a huge comfort to me when I read it. Here goes:

 "I'm not sure if I already shared this experience with you but I wanted to make sure that I did.  The first day I got here, it was kind of hard at first.  After I said goodbye to you guys I went and got all of my missionary stuff and then got thrown into all Spanish class, which by the way they only do all Spanish on like the first two days, and now they are actually teaching us Spanish.  But anyway it was really overwhelming and I was pretty discouraged.  But then we went to the new missionary welcome meeting and as we were walking in we were singing "we'll bring the world his truth" which is my favorite church song, and we got to the part where it says "and we will be the Lord's missionaries but we sang "and we are now the Lord's missionaries" and at that moment I just got an incredible feeling of peace and I knew that I am in the right place and doing the right thing for myself right now.  My testimony has already grown more than I ever thought it would and I am loving it!"

I was so happy to read this and I am so comforted knowing that he had this amazing experience.  I wanted to share it because I thought it was pretty cool.  As a mom, you just need to know that they are okay.  That they are happy and that they are doing what they want  to do.  This was an answer to my prayers and I am so thankful that he is having such a positive experience.  This is such an exciting time in his life and I am so happy for him!!

He continued on by thanking everyone for the letters they have written.  So, please continue to write to him because he loves hearing from everybody.  Thank you all for your support.

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