Monday, March 25, 2013

Great week!!!

Today's email was fabulous.  He is doing so great!!

Hey everyone! How are things going back home? Hopefully everything is going really well! Things here are great! I had a really good week so that was good!
Yesterday we had a baptism of a little girl named Alondra that we have been teaching. It was a really good experience! She is 10 years old, really smart and funny too. She wants to be a missionary someday too so that is pretty cool! It was a really cool baptismal service too because there were 3 other baptisms from the other Elders that work in the same ward. One thing that District Leaders do is that they inteview the people who the other missionaries in their district teach before they can be baptized, so I got to do 3 baptismal interviews this week. That was a really cool experience because it was an opportunity to see how these people's lives have changed by deciding to start going to church and following commandments and stuff. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences that I have had on my mission.
There were a few other things that were really cool this week too. We did some service for this old guy in the ward who is a WW2 veteran that was stationed with the people in Japan when they dropped the Atomic Bombs. It was crazy. He has a ton of cool stories and pictures and stuff. He also has a lot of health problems from all the radiation, and one of his eyes, the pupil and iris have just almost completely disappeared. Talking to someone who was a part of something so huge in history was a really sweet experience.
There were also a couple of Ward activities this week that were fun. We played basketball, and had a Ward Family Home Evening, and then had a luncheon thing at a nautical club so that was all good too.
Well that is about what has been going on here! It was definitely overall a very good week! Hope that yoúr's was the same! I love you and miss you all. Talk to you next week!
Elder Searle

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