Monday, November 12, 2012

Update from Elder Searle

I know it has been too long since I updated the blog.  I really don't know if I will ever get good at it.  This is the email we received today:)

Hey everyone!
How is everybody doing? really well I hope! Sounds like the weather is Utah is pretty darn awesome right now with all the snow and what not. I am definitely not jeaulous of that yet. It is nice and right around mid 80's here, and it has stopped raining every single day and is down to about 4 days a week.
Well this past week was a pretty long week, but it also had some really good stuff in it. On Saturday night a man named Angel got baptized. He is in his 40's and is not the brightest guy on the planet, but it was incredible to me how much he loved hearing the Gospel and how badly he wanted to be baptized. It was like he can't really comprehend a lot of normal stuff or remember it or anything, but as soon as you start talking about Church he gets so excited and can explain all kinds of things to you. He was so happy when he got confirmed on Sunday in Sacrament meeting that he just went around and hugged all of the people on the stand with this big grin on his face. It really was pretty awesome. I have never seen somebody who wanted the Church more in their life. He stopped drinking about 2 weeks ago after he learned about the word of wisdom, and he had been drinking for all his life. He has been to church every single week since my second week here, which was his first week to go to church. And probably the coolest thing for me to see is that he doesn't know how to read, so one of his friends (who is also named Angel, and who was baptized about 2 months ago) goes over to his house and reads the scriptures to him everyday. Angel has been a great example to me of how the message of the Gospel can be applicable for everyone. No matter what your circumstances are.
The other cool thing that happened at church this week is that it was the Primary Program. Turns out that Primary Programs are pretty much exactly the same here as they are at home, except that there are only about 20 kids in the Primary haha. But it was a great program.
I also got the package that you sent me. That was great!! Everyone here drinks soda more than they drink water, but they pretty much only have pepsi and coke, so it was great to get some mountain dew haha. Thank you so much! It made my day when I got that package so thank you! I really appreciate it!
So today is some random holiday so all of the city buildings are closed. So once again I couldn't get my drivers license, and also the library we use to email was closed so we had to find a member who was home in the middle of the day that had a computer we could use. Maybe one day I will finally get my Driver's License haha.
Well other than those things, there wasn't really anything all that special about this week. We rode bikes a ton this week, every day except for Sunday, and most of the time we were working in an area about 8 miles away, so it was a pretty tiring week haha.
Well I am glad to hear that Ragnar went well, and that Brooklyn really liked Missionary Week. I hope that you all have a great week this week, and that you enjoy the snow! Take care! I love you and miss you! Talk to you next week,
Elder Searle


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