Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cool people! Cool week!

Hey Everyone!
How are things going? It sounds like last week was pretty crazy. Hopefully
you are all doing good now!
That is so crazy that Kylie is living at college now, and that Tyler is
almost done at the MTC already! Crazy crazy crazy!
The last week here was really good! I met some really cool people! One of
them is a lady who has a $130,000 Lotus, which is probably the coolest car
I have ever seen, and then another one was a lady who has over 2200
different elephant figurine things in her house. It is pretty crazy! There
are a lot of elephants in her house haha. Also this week was stake
conference. So I was able to go to church in Toa Baja again, and see a lot
of the people that I met in the start of my mission. That was really cool!
I got a new phone this week. That was pretty weird. They changed things so
now every missionary has their own phone and keeps the phone for their
whole mission, and they can have whatever kind of phone they want as long
as the Church's SIM card is in it. That was pretty exciting for a minute,
but the new phone is even more boring than the old phone I had. The old one
was basically indestructible and that was pretty sweet but the new one is
just a super cheap plastic phone haha. Other than that it was just another
normal week. Things are going really well. It is raining less, and it is
still hot haha. Should be another great week this week!
Well I hope that you all are doing well and that you have a great week!
Love you and miss you all! talk to you soon!
Elder Searle

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